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Being a security expert is not easy. We choose only the best of the best, to guarantee the excellence in any of our services.

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    As a I.A. you’ll need to do research all the time in order to find new indicators, new type of attacks, new hacking groups, leaks or other juicy information that helps us or our partners.

    check At least one programming language > medium

    check Knows how to do a "deep search"

    check Familiar with Shodan, Censys, Tor, APTs and other

    check Discrete, very focused mainly to details


    As a I.R.A you need to have experience with systems, exploits, attack methods, scripting skills and the most important: you need to take the whole system apart and find the ,,door” they used.

    check At least one programming language > medium

    check Good knowledge of linux

    check Knows something about cPanel, Plesk, CWP etc

    check Good at finding problems


    As a Cyber Sec Engineer you need to have multiple skills as: penetration testing, scripting, reverse engineering, systems (windows/linux), networking and good communication skills are required.

    check Good linux knowledge

    check Pentesting

    check At least one programming language > medium

    check Research, research, research, research, research

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